• Statement

    I've been making objects for a long time. I designed and made furniture for several years before changing my focus to sculpture. In addition to working with wood, another aspect that has remained constant throughout is the consideration of "function". Furniture is functional by nature and demands an awareness of the daily actions and needs of others. These concerns became so deeply embedded in my thinking that I could not, nor did I wish to, abandon them when I began making sculpture. However, the context of function shifted – instead of considering the daily actions of the human body, I consider what goes on inside of us in response to daily living.

    No matter who we are, feelings such as grief, contentment, fear, longing, anxiety, and joy will likely overtake us at certain points in our lives. While the experiences that cause these feelings are unique to each of us, the feelings themselves are virtually universal. As much as we may wish to prolong or eradicate them at times, they eventually pass or at least recede, but they never entirely "go away". I am fascinated by how we carry, and are carried by, these feelings. Each object that I make in some way points to one of these shared aspects of living. While furniture easily makes its way into peoples' homes and sculpture is usually seen in public spaces, I like to think that even a short "visit" with one of my pieces may offer someone a chance to feel a brief moment of connection.